It all started when…

As a young girl in Nicaragua I would dig into my grandmother’s makeup and would try on her favourite eyeshadows and lipsticks while she was away working in Miami. I watched my great grandmother put perfume on, moisturizer and a bold red lip she rocked on a daily. I really enjoyed watching her cook all dressed up. My mother would always have her hair done up and a beautiful soft makeup look, along with some killer outfits ready to be a boss in a man’s world. I gotta say the matriarchy I was born into were pure boss babes, breadwinners, and important female leaders in our Obando-Rivera-Marin family. They kept the family together and together we would rise. I soon learned that beauty practices had a lot to do with self-care, and how it can be a form to lift your spirits when you need a nudge. It also became a way to communicate and connect with others through an open and vulernable talk surrounding self-esteem issues and really anything we were struggling with. During these chats I couldn’t help to notice my passion to empower other individuals to feel beautiful and be leaders themselves, just like our matriarchy back home.


I naturally headed to some education in aesthetics and studied beauty courses at Gina’s College of Advanced Aesthetics, HD Permanent Beauty in Toronto and Beauty Inc. Canada. I was a Makeup Artist at Caryl Baker Visage many moons ago in Kitchener, and have been a freelance Makeup Artist for the K-W Region since 2009.

I’m a Social Worker and Psychotherapist as well, and have a small private practice that operates right beside the MAUDIFIED studio. The beauty biz is a way for me to practice my self-care, and encourage my clients to seek out their passion in life and engage in self-care activities that bring them peace and joy. My overall hope is to empower others to be comfortable in their own skin, learn about themselves, and become who they want to be.

 'The Maudifier'

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