Lash Artistry

Lashes come in different shapes and forms. You can choose from classic to hybrid to volume lash extensions. Lash extensions are an additional layer and volume to your natural lashes. They are not damaging if the procedure is done correctly. If lash extensions aren’t your thing and you are going for a more natural look, you could go for a lash lift and tint instead. This is wonderful for people on the go, athletes, busy moms. And voila! No mascara needed!


Classic: One lash is attached to each natural lash. Natural look, adds length and volume to the natural lash. 

Hybrid: Fuller look than classic lash extensions. Combines classic and volume for a medium length and volume look. 

Volume: Multiple lashes are attached to the natural lash in order to create a fuller volume, 2D lash.


Semi-permanent treatment that creates a curled lash that lasts 6-8 weeks. It's a perfect alternative to lash extensions, using your natural lash to change the length and curl. 


  • Do not apply makeup or receive any other eye treatments for 48 hours post treatment

  • Avoid swimming/sauna for 48 hours post treatment

  • Keep lashes dry for 24-48 hours

  • No self-tanning products to be used 48 hours post treatment

  • Use a lash conditioner daily

  • Avoid rubbing the eyes

  • Avoid putting contact lenses back in during the rest of the day. Contact lenses should not be used during treatment.

  • Comb the lashes upward using a mascara wand


**If any swelling or stinging occurs, keep applying a cold dampened cotton pad, cold compress, or cooling spray to soothe. If it persists seek medical advice and let the technician know for them to document it on your record card. 


Lip Treatment  - 10 

Lash Extension Removal - 30


Lash Growth Conditioner

Lash Cleaning Brush

Oil Free Mascara

Lash Extension Cleanser (available to purchase in studio)

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